Taj Mahal Restaurant in Westbourne
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Lunch Menu
2 Courses for £17.50


Tom Yam Gai (Chicken)
(The most popular spicy and sour soup of Thailand) Thai Spring Rolls (Home Made)

Thai Spring Rolls
Home made

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Sesame Prawn on Toast

Gai Tod
(Deep fried chicken wings top with crispy red onion)

Moo Ping
(Grilled pork on skewer)

Moo Wan
(Deep fried pork strips)

Satay Chicken on skewer
(on top with peanut sauce)

Chicken Delight
(Deep fried crispy chicken strips with creamy sauce season of salt, sugar and some Thai paste top with sesame seed)


Pad Krapow Gai (Chicken)
(Stir-fried chicken with onion, fine beans, chilli, garlic and basil)

Thai Panang Curry Chicken
(with peppers, courgette and lime leaf)

Thai Green Curry Chicken
(with peppers, bamboo shoot and fine beans)

Thai Massaman Curry Stewed Beef Flank
(with onion, potato and peanut)

Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style

Honey Chilli Chicken

Shredded Chilli Beef

Chicken Cashew nut Thai Style
(Mixed Peppers, onion, water chestnut, dried chilli and cashew nut)

Pad Thai Chicken
(Popular Thai noodle dish with egg, beansprout, leeks, carrot and side of peanut)

Krapow Chicken Fried Rice
(Spicy fried rice with garlic, chilli, onion, fine been and basil)