Siam Cottage Aberdeen
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Dinner Menu

Thai Spicy Salad

Siam Cottage-Grilled Beef with "Jaew" £14.95
(Thai Spicy dipping sauce)

Som Tum (Papaya Salad) £10.50
North-east Thailand famous food: Shredded Papaya, carrot, tomato and fine bean with a mixture of fish sauce, lime juice, chilli, garlic dressing. Garnish with peanuts

Yum Woon Sen Talay (Vermicelli Salad) £14.95
Spicy Glass Noodle & Seafood (Prawn and Squid) Salad with onion, carrot, tomato and a mixture offish sauce, chilli garlic and lime dressing

Larb Moo (Minced pork Salad) £14.95
Well-known Northeastern Thailand Salad: Minced pork or Mushroom cooked with red onion, lime leaf, mint, dry roasted rice & chilli and dressing of lime juice and fish sauce or soya sauce.

Yum Seafood £14.95
Prawn and Squid mixed with herbs, chilli and lemon dressing

Yum Nuea Yang £14.95
Grilled sirloin steak slices mixed with herbs, chilli and lemon dressing

Phla Goong £14.95
King prawn mixed with red onion, lemongrass, lime leaf, mint, fresh chilli and lemon juice

Home made Crispy Aromatic Duck
Served with warm Chinese pancakes, spring onion, cucumber strips, and hoi sin sauce.

Quarter £12.00

Half £20.00

Whole £35.00

Main Courses
All dishes served with rice (Fried rice, Noodle or Chips £1 extra)

Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style (Popular) £15.00

Sweet & Sour Special Hong Kong Style (Popular) £16.50
(Chicken & King Prawn)

Sweet & Sour King Prawn Hong Kong Style (Popular) £18.20

Honey Chilli Chicken (Popular) £15.00

Honey Chilli King Prawn (Popular) £18.20

Shredded Chilli Chicken £15.00

Shredded Chilli Beef (Popular) £16.50

Pad Krapow (Chicken or Pork or Beef) (Recommended) £18.20
Chicken, pork or beef slices stir fried with onion, fine beans, chilli, garlic and basil

Pad Krapow Goong (King Prawn) £16.95
King Prawn stir fried with onion, fine beans, chilli, garlic and basil

Pad Prik Kaeng Gai (Chicken) £16.95
Chicken stir fried with Red curry paste, fine bean, and lime leaf

Pad Prik Kaeng Goong £18.20
King Prawn stir fried with Red curry paste, fine bean, and lime leaf

Chicken Cashew nut Thai Style (Recommended) £16.50
Mixed Peppers, onion, water chestnut, dried chilli and cashew nut

Chicken or Beef Satay (Popular) £16.95

Chicken or Beef in Black Bean Sauce £16.95

Lemon Chicken £16.95

Roasted Duck with Thai Chilli Paste £18.00

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables with Cashew nuts £13.50

Aubergine in Black Bean Sauce with Chilli £13.50

Ma Po ToFu £13.50
ToFu in Spicy Sauce

ToFu (Bean Curd) with Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots £13.50

Mixed Vegetables Satay £13.50

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce £13.50

Chef Specials
Chef's recommendation for special Thai style dishes (Not including side dishes)

Spicy Stir Fried Clams with Basil £19.00

Spicy Stir Fried Seafood with Basil £19.00

Goong - Aob - Woon Sen £19.00
Casseroled King Prawn with Vermicelli Glass noodle

Hor - Mok Seafood £19.00
Thai Steamed Curried Seafood cake

Pak Boong Fai Dang £16.00
Stir fried morning glory with garlic, yellow bean and chilli

All dishes served with rice (Fried rice, Noodle, Chips or Roti £1 extra)

Thai Green Curry (Recommended)
Mixed Peppers, bamboo shoot,and fine beans

Thai Red Curry
Mixed Peppers, bamboo shoot and fine beans

Thai Panang Curry
Fine beans, peppers, courgette and lime leaf

Thai Massaman Curry
Onion, potatoe and peanut

Choice of
Mixed Vegetable £13.50
Chicken £15.00
Beef £16.50
Stewed Beef Flank £16.50
Roasted Duck £18.00
Prawn £18.50
Seafood £18.50

Sea Bass

Pla Rad Prik £22.00
Deep Fried Crispy Sea Bass topped with Thai Sweet and Sour Spicy Sauce

Deep Fried Butterfly Sea Bass with Thai Herb £22.00
Served with separate Mango Spicy Sauce

Kaeng Som Pae-sa £22.00
Deep-fried Crispy Sea Bass with Thai sour curry tamarind sauce in hot pan

Steamed Sea Bass with Thai Spicy Sauce in Hot pan £22.00

Steamed Sea Bass with Ginger and Spring Onion Sauce in Hot pan £22.00